Dr. Jason MacLeod is a long-time friend. We have known each other for more than 25 years. He was even the best man in my wedding. So, when I was visiting him and his family in Seattle, WA and he mentioned he could use some help with his site, I wanted was excited to help.

For a long time, Jason had been trying to put together a Wix site. But, like so many, he found it difficult to spend the time finishing its creation. After all, he’s an in-demand, busy therapist with a young family. Finishing his website wasn’t a top priority.

That being said, Jason really wanted to have an online presence.

After talking with Jason about his hopes for the new site, I was able to get some insight into its scope. During our discovery call, I was able to determine it be a five-page site with basic SEO and a new logo:

I was also given a pretty good idea of the vibe and feel of his practice and how to create a site that represented it well.

The stacked rocks was an image he really wanted to emphasize. The result was a logo including them along with multiple images of stacked rocks throughout the site.

A second hope of his was to represent his love of nature throughout the site. Images of Mt. Rainier, large trees, and a pathway through the forest became a focus of the site’s imaging.

Finally, it was Jason’s desire to have a earth-toned color palette for the logo and website. My first pass at the color palette was mostly in the blue family. But, through his feedback and some further exploration we landed on the blue/brown palette featured now. I really love where we landed with this and was so grateful for his honest feedback and vision for it.

Some of the content existed, but a lot of it was created using AI to get started and editing it down to match Jason’s voice and culture.

I’m happy to say the project was finished in a couple weeks. That’s not typical, but because Jason was responsive to all requests it helped move the project along quickly.

In the end, Jason’s website is fully optimized for SEO, mobile-optimized, and visually stunning. I am so grateful to have created this site for him and I know it will serve his practice for many years to come.

Dr. Jason MacLeod
Ryan was very professional and thorough in working with me to create the website I envisioned for my business. He was open to my thoughts and feedback on ideas for the site and his efficiency at making them was not only accurate but completed exceptionally fast. The whole project was finished far faster than my expectations and I am very pleased with the results. I would not hesitate to recommend Ryan to any of my colleagues or friends that are looking to get their first website up and running or update their existing site.